Vibration and Isolation Products

Bolted Modular Concrete Inertia Bases

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Type WFSL, KSL, and BMK bases have become industry standards because we have encouraged specifications calling for structural steel perimeters with a depth equal to 1/10th the length for WFSL frames and 1/12th the length for the concrete filled BMK and KSL designs. Height saving brackets are almost always used and bases are customized to fit 1-1/2 HP close coupled pumps all the way up to 8000 ton centrifugal machines, with a variety of fan, pump, compressor, chiller, etc., base designs in between.


Rooftop Spring Curb

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The CMAB aluminum standard curb spring cap has been largely superceded by the RSC design. This complete rooftop spring curb is supplied in standard deflections up to 3” and as much as 5” in special designs. Springs are adjustable and removable. While most RSC curbs are standard heights for flat roofs, we customize to any height and compensate for roof pitch as well.

Spring Mounts

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The SLF configuration is used without housings for maximum vibration attenuation. While our telescoping Type C casting does introduce some damping, all of the other housings encase the spring without interfering with its action. The Type KIP and KIJ can be cast into foundations poured in place. The springs are adjusted to elevate the foundations. Types SLR or SLRJ are restrained spring mountings with operating heights equal to installed height and interlocks for safety in wind loads. Mountings carrying 15,000 pounds or more are usually designed with hydraulic adjustment to save time and effort.


Neoprene Mounts & Pads

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Individual neoprene mountings are available in load ranges from 15 to 4300 pounds per mounting. The BR, RBA, RCA & RDA mountings are captive designs suitable for mobile installations and applications in seismic zones. ML Mountings are used for machinery leveling. Our Type W pad pioneered waffle designs, and has several advantages over the more common ribbed variety. The waffle design is self-sealing so the pads last longer. The matching pattern on both sides provides for higher capacities in a given rubber hardness. Type W pads are available in cut sizes up to 18” x 36”.



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Primitive forms of neoprene hangers (HD), spring hangers (HS) and combination spring and neoprene hangers (DNHS) were around before 1958, but we improved them all as we established our standards. Our most sophisticated design is the 30N, which uses a spring series even larger in diameter than those used for the SLF mountings. This enables us to enlarge the hole in the bottom of the hanger box so the suspension rods can swing through a full 30 degree arc, virtually eliminating the age-old problem of hanger rods rubbing against the holes in the hanger boxes and short-circuiting the system.


Floating Floors, Walls & Ceilings

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Floating walls and suspended ceilings complete the isolation. Walls should be resting on a continuous SWW pad, if not on the floating floor and sealed at the top with AB-716 angle brackets. Buckling is prevented by means of DNSB sway braces or the simpler WIC or WCL commonly used with fabricated walls. All of these devices use neoprene as the isolation media or natural rubber if specifically called for by an acoustical consultant.


Flexible Connectors

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These connectors are not wire reinforced; they are constructed of multiple plies of Kevlar tire cord and EPDM in a manufacturing process very similar to the manufacture of truck tires. This construction enables these connectors to breathe volumetrically and to be rated for maximum elongation so control rods are not necessary. We have been involved in intensive testing of these connectors through acoustical firms such as Cerami & Assoc., to verify that they are extremely effective in reducing both noise and vibration at pump impeller frequency (rpm times number of blades).


Piping Specialties

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The ADA pipe anchor and VSG guide may be bolted or welded in any position. They are away from the piping and used under the ends of a rugged clamp or bracket, depending on whether anchoring or guiding is required. ADA anchors and guides are manufactured for all sizes of pipe and may be used as seismic restraints as well.


Seismic Mounts

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Simple specifications for mountings used in seismic zones call for static g ratings in three planes. Welded and ductile spring designs such as the SSLR and SSLFH meet these requirements, as do the BR, RBA, RCA and RDA. The type M is a special design for bomb blast protection. Submittals include either static calculations or independent laboratory test data.


Flexible Cable Braces

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Cable braces are the most efficient means of keeping suspended equipment, electrical conduits, piping and duct work in place during earthquakes or bomb blast. There are many requirements for the best and quickest means of connection so we have developed a wide range of products in various capacities. All are California OSHPD approved or in the approval process. Our cable products are hinged to adjust to the installation angle and avoid cable fraying.


Building Isolation

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manufactured Neoprene and Natural Rubber bearing pads to frequencies as low as 6 Hz and steel spring assemblies in the 0.75 to 2.00 inch (19 to 50mm) deflection range in individual capacities of 1,000,000 lbs. (454,000 kgs.) Both techniques are used to keep ground vibration and noise out of buildings close to railroads, subways, heavy traffic or industrial impact.


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